The Importance of Wearing Muay Thai Shorts

The shorts and gloves are arguably two of the most important gear anyone training in Muay Thai will ever need. Of course, there’s a long list of gear needed to train in Muay Thai. But, so long as you have a good pair of gloves and the right pair of shorts, who’s stopping you from going into the gym and training? No one, right?

Unfortunately, not everyone realizes just how important wearing the proper Muay Thai shorts can be. Many believe that any shorts will do, and while you can get away with it at the initial stage of your training, you won’t be gaining as much results as you would if you’d only worn something that was made specifically for Muay Thai.


Below are a few benefits you can get from wearing the proper Muay Thai shorts for training and sparring.

  • Freedom of movement. This is perhaps the best and most important benefit of wearing proper shorts when training in Muay Thai. Unlike other types of shorts, Muay Thai shorts are rather short. But, more importantly, they’re made out of materials that make them very flexible and stretchable. This all but assures that the shorts do not become a hindrance whenever you’re training or while inside the right.
  • Comfort and fit. High quality Muay Thai shorts aren’t just any other short. Not only are they made specifically for Muay Thai, but they’re also made out of a special material that helps them stay dry and keep your body cool throughout your training sessions. Fights and practices involve a lot of sweating, which is why it’s very important that you wear the right shorts that soak in all that moisture. 
  • Protection from germs and microbes. Muay Thai shorts have also been treated with all sorts of anti-bacterial treatments. Wearing them adds protection for you and lowers the risk of infection, which can be quite useful in a sport that features a lot of body contact between two people.

Boon, Lumpinee, Top King and Raja are four of the most well-known brands for Muay Thai gear. If your local sports shop carries any one of those brands, then you’re in luck, as their gear, along with their Muay Thai shorts, are well worth the investment. Other notable brands include Twins, Fairtex and Windy.1262px-muay_thai

Regardless of which brand you ultimately go for, one thing that you may want to avoid when shopping for your first pair of shorts is to shop for them online. Doing so could lead you to buying an ill-fitting pair of shorts that will only be a hindrance to your training. Instead, buying them from a physical store where you can try moving around with them on to see just how they would fit on you.


Speaking of fit, don’t choose a pair of shorts just based on brand. Although it’s still better for you to choose from any one of the mentioned brand names, it’s important that your choice be based on comfort and fit as those are the two most important things as far as Muay Thai shorts go.


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